37 weeks and still teaching

My third trimester has been challenging, I feel great except for this annoying constant back pain.  I guess it is to be expected when you carry an extra 30 lb localized in the belly. I had to decrease my teaching schedule, however, I am very happy that I can still teach the women‘s BJJ class every Saturday morning in Barrhaven.  At 37 weeks, I am planning on staying as long as I can on the mats.  I am very excited for the journey ahead and getting back to my hard core training schedule :)


Still on the mats teaching the Women's Only BJJ Class every Saturday at the Barrhaven Academy

Still on the mats teaching the Women’s Only BJJ Class every Saturday at the Barrhaven Academy

Training with Sarah Kaufman

Just before heading down for the World Masters in California, Chris and I did a little stop on Vancouver island to visit family. We were fortunate enough to be able to train at Zugec Ultimate Martial Arts (Zuma) in Victoria, BC. I got to do a couple of rounds with the one and only, Sarah Kaufman. She is phenomenal and one of the nicest person I have ever met. It was great to find some mat time and she gave me the workout I needed this week. Thank you Sarah :).

If anyone is around the Victoria area, please look up Zuma, they are awesome.