Lessons in Personal Injuries Part II (Prevention)

Injuries can be very frustrating and discouraging.  You can learn from understanding why and how you got injured.  For me, it changed my whole perspective of sport Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and also helps me understand on a self-defense aspect.  I didn’t concentrate on technique per se but on the concept of moving and getting out of the way (technique will follow).

Both men and women athletes can be very susceptible to injuries especially during hard competition training.  This is especially true for woman in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  Most time, our training partners are guys who can be stronger and/or bigger then we and can leads to unfortunate injuries.  There is ways of preventing injuries and staying healthy.

Know yourself:  You are more susceptible to injuries if you are tired, know your body and know when you have to hold back.  You don’t have to stop training all together, but you can use this time to focus on techniques or slow down your game.

Rest: As hard as you train, you should match it with equal amount of rest.  Give your body time to recover.

Strength: If you plan on rolling hard and you want to compete.  You need to increase your physical strength.  Don’t go from zero to 100%, build up your intensity and the strength will follow.

Nutrition and water: Increase consumption of carbohydrate during periods of heavy training and pay attention to your state of hydration, meaning, drink lots of water.

Before and after: Allow time to warm up, injuries are very common if you skip the warm up.  Don’t forget to cool down and stretch.

Be honest with your partner: If you are injured, let your partner know.  They can’t know you’re injured if you don’t tell them. ;).

Let your coach know, they can build an alternative training program and help you through the injury recovery period.  Depending on the severity and type of injury, you don’t have to lose time on the mat but you need to address the injury and let the people around you know.  In my case, I kept my rib muscle healthy by getting out of the way 😉

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