First Stripe

This weekend, we had our team RCJ Machado BJJ training.  We had a lot of hard and intense drilling.  Congratulation to RCJ Machado team member, Jen, on getting her first stripe today.  Hard work really pays off.  Jen has been training hard and these monthly team meets is a perfect opportunity to train with a variety of team member from the three RCJ Machado Ottawa schools.

A few words from RCJ Machado member, Jen Eng, on her first stripe success.

‘‘I never would have tried bjj if it hadn’t been for an intro class at the dojo from world silver medalist, Delphie. I’ll admit, I was pretty intimidated by the idea of being down on the mat instead of standing (for kickboxing), but I’m so happy I went because it left me with this positive energy and total desire to learn more. Now, I can’t go a day without doing something bjj related and I absolutely love it!! Bjj is a journey for me that has been nothing but positive, uplifting and challenging. My bjj journey had a special moment today; receiving my first stripe. I feel honoured, thankful to those who got me here, and just plain giddy that I’m “on my way” in the bjj world. See you on the mats!’’

Ottawa BJJ

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