Happy New Year! Welcome 2016!

Happy New Year!

Well 2015 has been a very exciting year for us, having some amazing seminars with  Professor Rigan Machado and Master Carlos and to the birth of our beautiful daughter Keely, to my friend Jen being promoted to the rank of Blue Belt and to finally submitting my PhD Thesis.

It has been for sure a challenging but very fulfilling year.  I had to put my serious training and competing  on hold for the last 9+ months.  But  fortunately I was still able to teach for the better part of my pregnancy.   Things don’t always go as planed, I had to postpone my grappling comeback; I have to give time for my body to heal from my caesarian birth.  I will slowly make my way back to the hardcore training I used to do and hopefully start competing as soon as I can.


Ottawa Women BJJ Last class of 2015

Just before Christmas, I was able to put my gi on and start the warm up for the last grappling class of the year! (small steps); it felt fantastic being back on the mats with all these wonderful people.  The bonus, I able to be there when Jen was promoted to  her Blue Belt.  Which was a true honour.    Watch out blue belts competitors; we got a new player in town.

Keely got to watch the whole presentation wearing her own mini grappling gi, little dojo munchkin.


Ottawa Womens BJJ Jen Eng promtoed to Blue Belt


I will be back to my teaching schedule very soon, but don’t miss the first women’s grappling class of the year, I will definitely be teaching in Barrhaven this coming Saturday January 9 2016.  I have missed all the ladies and looking forward to see you all.


Ottawa Womens BJJ Ladies of RCJ Machado Ottawa


To an AMAZING and exciting 2016!!!!!!