Training with Sarah Kaufman

Just before heading down for the World Masters in California, Chris and I did a little stop on Vancouver island to visit family. We were fortunate enough to be able to train at Zugec Ultimate Martial Arts (Zuma) in Victoria, BC. I got to do a couple of rounds with the one and only, Sarah Kaufman. She is phenomenal and one of the nicest person I have ever met. It was great to find some mat time and she gave me the workout I needed this week. Thank you Sarah :).

If anyone is around the Victoria area, please look up Zuma, they are awesome.


The No Gi experience

This weekend I competed in the IBJJF Pan No-Gi Championships in New York.  Unfortunately, the competition went terrible.  Leading up to the tournament, my condition and strength was excellent, however, I definitely did not give myself enough no-gi time on the mats, and it showed this weekend.  I got submitted twice and I made mistakes that I would of never done in gi.  This competition was a real eye opener, I didn’t lose because the competition was way over my head, I lost because I did not efficiently train no-gi to be ready to compete at the level I needed to be.

The Pan No-Gi taught me a valuable lesson, if I want to compete in no-gi, I have to train in no-gi as hard as I train gi.  Bad days happen but the Pan no-gi wasn’t a bad day; it was a lack of not enough no-gi training and drilling.   Losing is heart breaking, however this does not shatter my confidence it only makes me want to train harder and be more prepared for the next tournament.


I will always come back stronger after a lose.


Ottawa BJJ Women Pan No-Gi 2014