World’s Recap

Worlds was just a little over a week ago and my break time is over.  The Worlds has been a great learning experience.   My division was absolutely insane, we were 16 of the top purple light feather women in the world,  most of us have had  medals at the Worlds and Pans in the last two years.  I had a challenging draw.  My first match was against one of the most experienced purple belts in the division.  I knew, she would be a tough match.  I have seen videos of her and she has a solid guard.  As I expected, she pulled guard first.  I was able to solidify half guard, I took my time and applied a lot of that RCJ Machado shoulder pressure.  She had a tight half guard,  so I decided to finish the fight from top half guard with a kimura.

My quarter finals match was against the #1 IBJJF ranked light feather purple belt.  She had came 2nd at Pan and at Worlds last year as a purple belt and won Pans this year.  Definitely a challenging 2nd round.  I had already beaten her 2 years ago in the semi-finals at worlds as a blue belt (one of my toughest matches of my career).  Last time, I pulled guard first, this time, she pulled guard first.  She has an awesome spider guard and I got swept early on in the match.  However, I recovered my  guard.  I tried everything to generate opportunities but it is not easy when you are trailing 2-0.  She kept her elbows tight and her weight down and that was that.  I lost 2-0.

I was physically and mentally ready, I felt great.  I am still a new purple belt and my first big tournament at that level.  I definitely need to build up my experience.  I am already drilling new strategies to help me create better opportunities  when I get stuck.

Losing only fuels my desire to try harder, train harder and fight harder!

At the Worlds with Prof. Aksell and my husband Chris

Ottawa BjjWomen Worlds 2014