Lesson from Worlds

Ottawa Womnes BJJ Worlds

Lesson’s from Worlds,

Coming off a sold competition season, I came in strong, trained and ready for the World championships.  The outcome was not what I had hoped.  I got eliminated in the second round.  I hadn’t realized that my opponent had scored two point for a sweep from the bottom of half guard, this is a new IBJJF rule that I am not familiar with.  There is no excuses, everyone should read the rules for every tournament. Unfortunately I got stuck in top half guard and couldn’t solidify the mount in time to get my points to get the win.

My first match was one of my toughest match so far in my grappling career and also one of my biggest victories.  It was an absolute battle, and I had to dig  deep.  She was pushing really hard against my guard and a couple of times I felt like I wasn’t in control anymore.  We had really good back and forth and neither of us wanted to give away any points.  She defended my sweeps attempts and there was no way I was letting her get side control or my back.  I was trailing by a couple of advantages and only 30 second left to the match.  All I knew was that I was not going to lose this one.  As she started to move backwards from my guard, this was the perfect opportunity to shoot in for my triangle since her posture was leaning forward.  I closed my triangle and kept my legs at tight as I could because I needed that submission to win and I got the tap.

In a competition as big and prestigious as Worlds, it only takes one mistake to be eliminated.  These girls are absolutely ruthless, talented and amazing and I am so proud to be able to compete with these women.

I might of lost my second match and unfortunately couldn’t better my result from last year’s Worlds, but I have grown as a competitor in the last year.  As much as I am disappointed in myself, this is only one day out of the year.  Jiu jitsu is a life time journey and the most beautiful moments are found on the mats with the people you share this love with.

A team that only values medals is not a team worth fighting for, but fortunately for me I have the best team in the world, the RCJ Machado flag shown bright and strong, and I was so proud to show what it was made off.  You know you have a true family when they are proud of you not for your wins but for your loses.  There is no better feeling having Chris and family by my side to corner me and pick me up after my disappointing lost.