Everyone will lack or has lacked motivation at some point during their training; this is completely natural.  What you have to watch out for is that inner voice rationalizing why the lack of motivation is a good thing.   Losing your motivation can lead to guilt (guilt of missing training), which can then lead into even less motivation, creating a dangerous downward spiral.  The secret is to break that spiral by showing up to class.  Make a commitment to yourself that you will attend ‘‘X’’ amount of classes in a given week. I can promise you, you might not want to train on a given day but when you do arrive to class, you will forget all the negative thoughts that you had related to training.  The repercussions of doing this are staggering: You will feel better and forget all the reasons and excuses that you had to avoid training, creating an uphill spiral (wanting to train more). I am strictly speaking of a motivational aspect and not other legitimate reasons preventing someone from training :). If you can make it, train as hard as you can :)

Looking forward to see everyone in class this week.


First stripe

First stripe

There are many milestones throughout your martial arts training.  The beauty of it, as long as you keep training, these things never stop.  There is always more to learn, to accomplish and to achieve.  One milestone that sticks out most of all is that first stripe on that Brazilian Jiu Jitsu white belt.  I still remember the feeling, it downed on me that I actually knew something and I was ready to try it out in open rolling.

This pass month, RCJ Machado Ottawa BJJ got not just one, but two women with their first stripe.  I have trained with both these ladies and I have to tell you, they are absolutely amazing.  They come in and leave with a smile and train hard and smart (the best combo ever).   The K2 Martial Arts & Fitness team is so proud of these two ladies.

Here are their feelings on getting their first stripe

‘‘Getting my first stripe was so exciting.  Being such a beginner, its hard to gauge whether I’m improving or not but thanks to my amazing trainers and now this stripe, I’m feeling a lot more confident on the mat!’’

  • RCJ Machado student Emera

‘‘I have been promoted!  It was a Saturday morning at the main dojo in Ottawa we lined up at the end of class to do a courtesy bow and shake each other’s hands. To my surprise my Renshi called out my name to award me my very first stripe in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.  I was so excited, stepping forward to shake my Renshi’s hand he place a white piece of electrical tape on the black part on my belt. This little piece of tape gave me a huge feeling of accomplishment, I felt like I wanted to jump up and down and do a little happy dance. This stripe was so much more than a piece of tape!

Since I have first started BJJ, five months ago I have started developing more techniques and understanding the concept of the sport.  I definitely need to give credit to my teachers and partners for having patience with me and showing me new tricks. I used to be very nervous rolling with the guys since I am a girl and was new at Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu but now I look forward to trying these new moves on them.

I already have a love for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and I enjoy every minute I spend on the mats learning new things. It’s been a great learning environment at K2 martial arts and I wouldn’t want to change it for the world.’’

– RCJ Machado student Natacha

If you want to join these wonderful ladies, and myself come and try out a class at K2 Martial Arts and fitness, there is always room for more ladies at RCJ Machado.

Ottawa BJJ Women First Stripe

Women Can Handle Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu!

Can Women Really Handle Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu?…… REALLY? This is the title of a absurd sexist post to why women  don’t seem to fit or handle BJJ.  I get it, this post is trying to encourage women to ‘’Stick with it’’ but unfortunately this post is an epic fail on that matter!

Let me address some of the concerns of this post.  The problem why women are not fit for BJJ is because they don’t stick to it and this is after they ‘‘DEMAND to try it (BJJ) out’’.   DEMAND is a very strong word, its insinuating they forced their way into a class against all warning signs of ‘‘danger’’.  It happens to EVERYONE, they think they will like it and they don’t, it’s a human nature not a women thing.  Your discouraging women to try BJJ just in case they don’t like it.  If you lived your life like that, you would never try any new things.   Second, they always stay for a short time, women do get pregnant, life change, job changes, that’s a fact of life.  Men go through the  same experiences, however there is (I admit) more men in the sport so it is less noticeable.

A women practicing the sport of BJJ who don’t get their black belt should not be seen as a waste of time.  A blue belt is accomplishment all in itself and a woman or a man with a blue belt in BJJ has a great deal of knowledge in self-defence and you should be proud that these women and men are walking the streets with a blue belt they earned from you.  Ideally, you want the best for all your students and receiving a black belt in BJJ is an incredible accomplishment men or women but unfortunately priorities in life can change this.

The most insulting part of this post is the fact that male student puts their marriage and relationship at risk because they might roll with a women during class.  This is a completely ridiculous concern.  This is blaming women for potential relationship problems just because they roll with men.  If a wife or girlfriend has a problem with this, then the men are in their rights not to roll with women but that’s definitely their lost. Women make awesome partners.

Women who don’t stick to BJJ are not weak and need to be tougher.  We are not dolls who need to be protected and need to understand that someone will be between are legs, we get THAT sense in the first couple of months (enhance the trying out period).  Some women just hate it and find another sport more fitted for them.  The reason why women don’t stick to it is not because of awkward human contact, especially senior white belts and up (we know all about it).  There are probably other underlying problems of why women are leaving.  Like any other sports, people will come and go, new students should never be seen as a potential waste of time.

BJJ is a male dominated sport but women are starting to understand how beneficial and amazing BJJ is.  Just look around you at all the women bjj groups and all the enthusiasm there is for it.  We don’t ask for special  all women classes, we make our own. You should check out women Open Mat all around North America and all the women giving seminars around the world.

Women CAN handle Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and there is many qualified black belt BJJ instructors out there for women to get their black belt from.

Here is the link to the post I am referring to:

Why women make awesome BJJ partners

Why women make awesome BJJ partners

Open rolling can often feel like you are at a high school dance. Feeling too shy to ask a partner to roll, in fear of being rejected.  The feeling is intensified when you’re a handful of girls (if not the only one) in a massive sea of guys.  We sometimes only stick to our usual rolling partners or only roll with other women.  Guys, don’t be shy, ask a girl to roll with you, she will likely say yes (unless she has had a bad experience with you).  Take this opportunity to shape your Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu game for the better.  Women have a lot of skills to offer that you can take advantage of.   You can work on your technique and speed, instead of focusing on strength and muscles.   If there are no women that want to roll with you, it’s most likely because you use too much strength and muscles.  If that’s the case, you’re not learning anything and she probably feels overwhelmed and frustrated.

Here are a few reasons as to why women make awesome BJJ partners:

  1. We are super technical; we have to be to survive against bigger and stronger opponents.
  2. We listen to suggestions when we roll
  3. When dealing with bigger opponents, we use a lot of movement; we don’t try and pin people down.  As a bigger opponent, use this moment to work on your own movement and speed. No one learns anything if you use all your might and weight to pin us down.
  4. We definitely smell a lot nicer 😉
  5. We (most of us!) also sweat less and are less likely to drip sweat into your face when we have a top position.
  6. We are also lots of fun; there could even be occasional giggling.

You need to train smartly and respect your partner, whether man or woman.  Leave your ego at the door.  There is no shame in trying new techniques and getting caught. That’s how you learn. There is no shame in tapping.

Thinking of trying out BJJ? There’s a place for you at RCJ Machado Ottawa BJJ, where men and women come together to train for the sport and the self-defense aspects of martial arts.

Ottawa BJJ Why women make awesome bjj partners

Check out this video of Cindy Omatsu Female Black Belt in BJJ

I found this awesome video demonstrating some basic mount techniques.   The video demonstrator is no other then the brilliant black belt Cindy Omatsu. She was the first woman outside Brazil to be promoted to the rank of black belt in BJJ under master Rigan Machado and Lekka Viera.  She is presently an instructor at the Machado Academy in California.

Check it out.

Cindy Omatsu