Special Workshop @ RCJ Machado Orleans

Tonight, I had the pleasure of being to our RCJ Machado Orleans location for a special workshop.  A component of the workshop was a girl’s only introduction to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.   These girls were absolutely amazing and they jumped right into it.  We went through some basic techniques and certain key concept; they picked up everything very well.

It gives me great joy to share my love for BJJ with everyone there tonight.  I was truly honored to have had the opportunity to work with the women from NX. If you give BJJ a chance, you will be surprised how confident, strong and determine you will become.


Delphie with the ladies at RCJ Machado Orleans

Special Workshop with World BJJ Silver Medalist and Team RCJ Machado member Delphie Dugal-Tessier

Hey Everyone!

Miss Delphie will be out at our Team RCJ Machado Orleans location this Thursday for a special workshop!

Only 2 days left!!!

Special Workshop with World BJJ Silver Medalist and Team RCJ Machado Ottawa member Delphie Dugal-Tessier on Thursday Nov 29th at 8:15pm. Delphie will be showing some of her favorite TRIED AND TESTED competition techniques and strategies.

This workshop will also have a special section for a GIRLS ONLY introduction to Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. The intro class is FREE for all NX/RCJ Machado members and FRIENDS who are interested. Please get on the VIP guest list ASAP!

CALL 613.841.4111


Ottawa BJJ

Courage is not going out and winning the biggest tournaments in the world (that’s a bonus), courage is walking out everyday on the mats.  Courage is being scared to show up at a class without your usual partner and doing the class anyway.  It is about rolling with someone new or trying something out of your comfort zone.  As a women, the grappling world can be a very intimidating place, courage is walking out on those mats and training as hard and as best as you can.


Courage comes from within, at Ottawa BJJ we can help you face your fears

My first BJJ class

I still remember my first BJJ class, I didn’t know what guard was, mount, cross side nor the concept of submission and tapping.  All I could feel was overwhelmed and confused. All these feelings are totally natural.   BJJ is like a GIANT puzzle, you don’t know where to start, what to do or where to go with your puzzle pieces.  Every class you get a piece of the puzzle and you just don’t know where to put it.  Eventually you start connecting the pieces together and there is no better feeling.  Everyone goes through highs and lows.  Sometime everything seems to fit together and other time nothing fits at all.   Don’t compare yourself to others; they will be building their puzzle at a difference pace or from different places but it doesn’t mean your falling behind.  Always look at your own progression and be proud of your own achievements.

Always remember how far you have come since your first class and how wonderful it feels when you actually connect two pieces together.

The art of Puzzles

See you on the mat!

UFC 154 in Montreal!

This weekend I had the pleasure to go watch the AMAZING St-Pierre vs Condit fight.  I was down in Montreal for my bachelorette party and my maid of honor, Lisa, got us tickets for UFC 154 on Saturday night.    This was the first time we actually got to watch UCF live and I have to tell you; the atmosphere at the Bell Center was off the hook.  We arrived at the Bell Center early; we didn’t want to miss any of the fights.  We were very surprised to see how empty the Bell Center was for the prelim fights. This picture was taken minutes before the first fight.

Just before the first fight



Every fight was exciting and we were glad we didn’t miss a beat.  Menjivar arm bar vs Gashimov was absolutely beautiful (2nd fight of the night), just an incredible arm bar.  I hope to be able to perfect that quality of armbar; I just need some one at K2 Martial Arts and Fitness to be my guinea pig for it ;).   A huge shout-out to Montreal trained John Makdessi he is one solid fighter.

When it was time for the main event, we could feel the electricity in the air (finally everyone arrived).  Obviously GSP was the clear crowd favorite and he did not disappoint.  People might criticize GSP for being a safe fighter and what not.  However, GSP is an incredible athlete and I had the same knee surgery, as GSP and it is phenomenal that he was able to come back as strong as he did in a short amount of time.  Condit is quit a fighter and GSP rocked it.  There was one scary moment in the third round but he came back like a champ.

Lol a good thing about being women in a male dominated sport, no line-ups for the girls bathrooms ;).



Great class @ K2 Martial Arts and Fitness

Tonight was an amazing night at K2 Martial Arts and Fitness.  We had a stacked women’s class, and we are lucky to have dedicated, respectful and strong women.  In the last couple of weeks, we have been focusing on movements and mobility.  We have been drilling and drilling some open guard to passing the guard drills.   Knowing how to move and where to go is really important in preventing your opponents from establishing a dominant position.  This is a concept that is especially important for women grapplers, we are smaller and not physically as strong as the guys, knowing how to get out of the way and how to control our opponent will keep us safe and healthy and give us the leverage we need for sweeps and submission set up.  A tip ladies, when in doubt, keep moving ;), it doesn’t matter if you go the right or wrong way, you will learn.

Great job tonight ladies,

I can’t wait for our next class