RCJ-Machado Ottawa goes to the Big Apple

RCJ-Machado Ottawa goes to the Big Apple


At the end of September, New York was hosting the Pan No-Gi jiu jitsu Championship.  We had one RCJ-Machado Ottawa member competing in this tournament, Delphie Dugal-Tessier.  She was fighting at blue level in light feather division.  Her category consisted of 5 girls who have all had podium finishes in international competition in the last year.  Delphie definitely had her work cut out for her, as this was her second No-Gi competition and first international No-Gi tournament.  Delphie finished her first round by armbar submission under 2 minutes into the match.  Delphie moves on to the finals and she faces off against the Pan Gi Champion.  It was a tough match; no points were scored on either girl.  Both girls were very technical not allowing for either girl to exploits the other one’s weaknesses.  Unfortunately, Delphie lost by one advantage awarded to her opponent.  Renshi Scott, Renshi Aksell and Sensei Chris are all very proud of Delphie performance.  She has had an amazing year and we are all looking forward to seeing her competing again next year.  Delphie’s new challenge is to promote Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for women of all ages.  The response has been amazing. On Wednesday nights, at the Barrhavan School, Delphie is running an introductory no-gi women’s class.  If you have ever thought of trying martial arts or looking for a little self-defense, this class would be great for you! For more information, please check out www.MartialArtsOttawa.com

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My Road to Worlds

My road to Worlds

This is a little article I wrote for K2 Martial Arts newsletter that I would like to share with you.

This has been a tough and exciting bjj year for me.  After being promoted to blue belt, I decided that I would attempt my chance at the World bjj championship in June.  I have never been to such a big competition and as a new blue belt this was definitely a huge challenge.  I increase my hours on the mats and in a matter of months I could feel my strength increase in my jiu jitsu.  With my instructors I had very focus goals and every time I stepped on the mats I reminded myself of those goals.

My first preparation tournament for Worlds was the Abu Dhabi pro trials in Montreal. I was extremely nervous but came out with a bronze in my division. This was a huge boost in my confidence however; I realized I had a lot to work to do.  Soon after, I went down to California for the Pan Jiu Jitsu Championships. This was my first time competing in the light featherweight division.  With all the kickboxing and cage fitness classes I was doing with grappling, I didn’t have to cut weight.  Eating healthy and cutting all cookies, ice cream and nachos did the trick (I love cookies). The Pan jiu jitsu was the BEST learning experience.  I lost my first round by 1

adv.  My game plan wasn’t working and I wasn’t sticking to it.   The next couple of months, I drilled and drilled techniques with the help of my K2MA Machado teammates (no one got hurt) to fix certain problems I was having. My last tournament before Worlds was the Ontario open; I came out with the gold (drilling does work).

Time does fly when you put all your energy and heart into training for the biggest competition in the world.  My division included 30 of the best blue belt light featherweight competitors in the world. This was one of the biggest female divisions in the competition.  Female grapplers are rising up to the challenge and it is extremely empowering to be part of those women.

After all those month training and the help of the K2MA Machado grappling team, I felt physically and mentally ready for Worlds, I had a great game plan and I was going to stick to it. I took one match at a time and after 4 matches I was in the finals.  My final match was a battle; she was a very tough opponent. The end score was 0-0 and no advantages, the referee told us both we had an excellent match and this was a tough call and in the end she got the referee decision.  I am very proud to bring a silver medal home; it belongs to everyone at K2MA-Machado family. I can train everyday and do the sport I love because of every single one of you :).

Delphie & Sensei Chris

A special thank you to Master Carlos for being my mentor, to Sensei Chris for training, coaching, supervising and supporting me all along the way and to Renshi Aksell and Renshi Scott for their unbelievable support and encouragement (spending many hours on the mat with me). With the help of the K2 team, I got the support, the training and the programs necessary to succeed as a competitor on the world-class stage.